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How To Network As A Realtor

When working in the real estate industry, an individual does not necessarily need an outgoing personality but it helps especially when it comes to networking. Networking is an essential part of success in the real estate business as it improves the base of clients. For a realtor looking to get ahead of competitors, it pays to take advantage of the networking opportunities available.

The following can be considered as a glimpse into ways to network in the real estate business:

Your team should be comprised of skilled individuals

When talking about skilled individuals on your team, they do not have to be the best of the best although that would make matters easier. A great team made up of skilled individuals in the sense that they should be competent and trustworthy in any task set for them. If you hire someone who is fresh out of college it can also be of great benefit to you as you can guide and train them along the way.

A realtor is only as good as the individuals they surround themselves with. Even if you have opposing realtors surrounding you, establishing a modicum of professional relationship can be achieved if your team is willing to increase networking chances.

Create a professional website/blog

There are different ways to connect with a vast audience one being employing the internet as a tool. When in the real estate business, it pays to have a professional website or blog where clients can easily go to for information about your company and services. Tim Elmes, a Fort Lauderdale realtor, has a beautiful website that shows all his waterfront listings in high definition photos and he keeps up with his blog. He advises realtors to get online. It’s a great marketing and branding tool.

Also, the website or blog can give out helpful tips and also have a helpdesk by which to reach out to individuals who visit the site. The site should be visually pleasing to the eyes as well as tell the story behind the company’s motivations. Most real estate sites lose sight of the fact that the customer should be appealed to and therefore, pack the page full of listings making it boring. This should not be the case.

Have a strong social media presence

Other things like having a social media presence include having a company page on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter so as to connect with audiences worldwide and respond to any inquiries they might have. Pictures, videos of local listings can be shared. Posts regarding the constant state of the real estate industry can also be shared.

With social media being so popular, it can help boost your popularity. Social media is a great way to establish your brand, gain a following and grow your client base. With Snapchat, you can post videos of your listings, open houses and whatever else you’re doing that day. Instagram is also a great platform to show off your listings. If you don’t have social media profiles, get them now.

Attend conferences & industry events

Make it a goal to reserve seats in real estate conventions as well as attend community events. As you do this, you make your presence known to the general public as well as form relationships with members of the community that might come in handy in future. Remember that all these events that come up foster community spirit and a mean to engage other professionals.

The conferences can be shared on social media and social media names can be exchanged. When visiting these events, it pays to always carry your business card as you never know what business opportunity might pop up. With the business card in hand, there is no way you can be deemed as unprofessional by forgetting it. Also, make a point to look up your past connections for coffee or drinks. It is a great way to maintain and strengthen your relationships.

How to Approach a Client Real Estate Lead as a Real Estate Agent

Real estate industry is not only getting tougher but the participants are also getting competitive. As a result, real estate agents have to amp up their marketing game so as not to be left in the dust by those who seek for other ways to remain relevant. In the business of real estate, everything matters from how you present your company to how large your social media presence is.

This also comes to note in situations where there is a lead on a potential real estate client and how you go about turning them into a client. The marketing environment, however, has not made things easier as things have gotten diverse therefore creating confusion amongst realtors on how to approach a real estate lead. The following are ways to make it easier so as to assist you to narrow down the options and to ensure that your marketing dollars are spent effectively.

1. Get A Lead

Before the question of how to approach a real estate lead can be answered, you have to know how to generate a lead first, you cannot follow up on something you do not have. The process of generation determines the approach used to close it up.

Real estate agents have different ways to seek for leads a primary method being direct marketing approach where postcards and newsletters are sent. Another method is by using past client referrals and recommendations.

The third method is by networking through community events and finally, making use of internet marketing through social media sites and search engine ads. You can choose to take up one of the enlisted methods but it actually pays to use a majority of them if possible so as to get leads faster.

2. Follow The Lead

After generating the lead do not leave it too long to follow it up unless another realtor might beat you to the chase if care is not taken. The best time to follow up on a lead would be to do so immediately, as in the day after.

To do this, a system has to be established to ensure no slacking on attaining the objective, In this case, it is to turn leads into clients through following up. Having a system in place for this sort of thing reduces the chances of forgetting or wastage of time in following up. This way clients can be listed and ranked in order of most likely to least likely so as to allow times and order of follow-up.

Doing this means that you are less likely to waste resources on following leads that have no potential. Nowadays, there are professionals that provide follow-up systems for real estate agents but most realtors tend to avoid them as they would prefer doing it on their own.

Follow up systems can involve designing email templates, assigning a time of day to make calls and set up appointments. All this should be documented so that the real estate agent can easily keep track of them.

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